I feel that TVS Motor provides roles that are among the best in terms of richness of the job content. Empowerment is given to almost all the management levels and employees are constantly encouraged to try out new things. Also the exposure that we get in all dimensions of the marketing mix, only a very few company can match that.

Pallab Roy, Brand Manager
Scooty Range & Corporate

  • Why TVSM
    1. Part of USD 6 billion TVS Group.
    2. Among the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in India.
    3. Comprehensive product portfolio.
    4. Widest customer segments.
    5. First two-wheeler company in the world to win the coveted Deming Award for quality.
    6. More than 8000 employees.
    7. Production capacity of 2.8 million vehicles.
    8. Sales of over 2 million vehicles.
    9. Presence in over 50 Countries.
    10. Seven manufacturing plants in
          Nalagarh(Himachal Pradesh) and
  • TVS Way
    We pride in being the first two-wheeler company to win the coveted Deming Prize, and live by the principles of TQM (Total Quality Management) in every sphere of our life.
    The Management philosophy is based on five pillars of TQM - Policy Management, New Product Development, TVS Brand, Education & Training and Standardization; which rests on the foundation of Total Employee Involvement, Daily Management and Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)
    TQM is not just a program but a way of life for all resulting in Customer Delight becoming a single point focus for consistent product and process quality.
  • Live your Dreams
    At TVSM it’s the “Passion” that makes us TRUE - professionals.
    T - Trendsetters in terms of Technology & Innovation
    R - Reliable in terms of quality service
    U - Uber-Cool in terms of Best in Class Styling
    E – Efficient in terms of Value for money
    We build products inspired by aspirations of individuals, giving our employees a larger purpose to live their dreams and pursue their career aspirations.
    “At TVSM, everyone is a leader and there is an overall grounding in ‘Do it right the first time’ – a line of thought from the Japanese manufacturing standards. People are happy to take responsibility and be a part of the system that enables growth.”
  • Winning Hearts over Minds
    We believe it’s the people who make the organization and thus, the organization’s well-being depends on the commitment and growth of its people.
    “Trust” is one of our core values, enabling us to create a strong emotional connect between the employee and the organization. Every individual is valuable, irrespective of levels and designations, and thus we believe in sharing the resources, benefits and facilities with an open mind.
    Even our extended arms, be it our dealers or suppliers are supported in their endeavors for people and process effectiveness.
    At TVSM, diversity is considered as vital for the sustenance of the organization. Hence conscious efforts are made to recruit employees from across the country, and in all age groups.